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DTA-107-S2 Features

  • Modulator compliant to DVB-S2 as defined in ETS 302 307
  • Integrated L-Band Upconverter with on-board 950 .. 2150-MHz synthesiser
  • ISDB-S modulation available as an option
  • RF output can be connected directly to digital satellite receiver (DC-blocking capacitor included
  • Complete broadcast-services DVB-S2 modulator with BCH encoder, LDPC encoder, bit interleaver, constellation mapper and base-band shaping filter
  • Can still be operated in DVB-S mode
  • Software interface compatible with other DekTec digital-video output adapters

DTA-107-S2 Applications

  • Driving DVB-S2 receivers for demos, at shows, in electronics stores
  • DVB-S2 set-top-box development, repair, production testing, performance testing
  • Signal validation: check out whether DVB-S2 receivers can handle a new transport stream
  • Low-cost RF distribution of digital TV services
  • Output adapter for generating a DVB-S2 modulated transport stream directly from your custom application
  • With DtLoop: DVB-S2 modulator replacement#

  • DTA-107-S2-SP:
    • DVB-S2 Modulator / L-Band Upconverter for PCI bus with StreamXpress player software

  • DTC-373-IS:
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Brand DekTec
Condition New

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