DTA-2111-SP- Multi-standard PCIe VHF/UHF modulator

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DTA-2111 Features
  • Multi-standard modulator for PCI Express with support for most QAM-, OFDM- and VSB-based modulation standards
  • Digital upconversion for excellent signal quality without need for calibration
  • Supports all constellations and modulation modes for each supported standard
  • All-channel upconverter 36 .. 1002MHz fully agile over VHF and UHF band
  • Digital channel simulator option
  • RF output for direct connection to the antenna input of a digital receiver
  • Free Windows and Linux SDK (DTAPI) is fully compatible with other DekTec digital-video output adapters
  • PCI Express v1.1; Label PCIe 1x

DTA-2111 Applications

  • General-purpose modulator for R&D, demos, repair, at shows and exhibitions, etc.
  • Digital TV distribution over coax: SMATV, hotels, hospitality, campus, buildings, etc.
  • Custom OEM applications that benefit from direct RF output

PC Requirements

  • P4@2GHz minimum, or equivalent AMD
  • Core 2@2GHz minimum for ISDB-T, CMMB, DTMB, DVB-C2, DVB-T2 and channel simulation
  • 512 MB RAM minimum
Modulation options
DTC-370-ISDB ISDB-T € 800
DTC-371-IQ IQ sample playout € 800
DTC-374-DTMB ADTB-T and DMB-T/H € 800
DTC-375-CMMB CMMB € 800
Combination of ISDB, IQ, DTMB, CMMB
DTC-ML-2 Any two options € 1.000
DTC-ML-3 Any three options € 1.200
DTC-ML-4 All four options € 1.400
More modulation options
DTC-305-CM Channel simulation € 950
DTC-378-T2 DVB-T2 € 1.250
DTC-379-C2 DVB-C2 € 1.250

For bundle discount, please contact NyeTec for more information on 02380 269113 or carol@nyetec.com

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Brand DekTec
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