DTA-2137C-SLP Dual Satellite Receiver: Improved Version

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DTA-2137 Features

  • DVB-S / DVB-S2 receiver that can be configured as single-channel receiver with support for QPSK, 8-PSK, 16-APSK and 32-APSK, or as dual-channel receiver with support for QPSK and 8-PSK
  • DVB-S2 demodulation compliant to EN 302 307 and EN 301 210, as well as legacy DVB-S
  • Reception and forwarding of baseband frames (BBFRAMEs) as described in DT-AN-2137-1
  • Two ASI monitoring ports; each ASI port can also be configured as independent output
  • Dual LNB inputs or one shared feed
  • Full LNB support with DiSEqC interface and 13V/18V 200mA supply (PCIe power) or 400mA with external power
  • Each channel provides lock status, RF level, modulation type, code rate, SNR/MER and RS error counts (DVB-S only)
  • Programming interface (DTAPI) is fully compatible with other DekTec adapters

DTA-2137 Applications

  • Multipurpose DVB-S2 receiver
  • Satellite data distribution
  • Local redistribution of DVB-S2 channels with MuxXpert


Satellite receiver for PCIe with StreamXpert Lite and StreamXpress player software.
Satellite receiver for PCIe with VF-Rec stream recorder and StreamXpert Lite and StreamXpress player software.
Satellite receiver for PCIe with StreamXpert 2.0 stream analyser and StreamXpress player.

 Data Sheet

Application notes:-

Receiving Baseband Frames.

Accuracy of MER measurements

Brand DekTec
Condition New

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