DTC-335-SY SdEye. Licences to a DekTec Card or Adapter


SdEye Features

  • Cost-effective real-time visual analyzer for SD- and HD-SDI signals
  • Displays picture, YCbCr / RGB waveforms, vectorscope and peak meter
  • Shows all streams found in HANC and VANC
  • Real-time raw SDI data display
  • Luminance/chrominance threshold settings for showing out-of-range pixel values
  • Various display modes: interlaced, top- or bottom-field, top and bottom field, full frame

SdEye Applications

  • Cost-effective SDI inspection
  • Portable SDI analyzer using a DTU-245 FantASI USB adapter and a notebook

Minimum PC Requirements

  • Core i5/i7*
* Or equivalent AMD processor



Brand DekTec
Code DTC-335-SY
Condition New

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