DTC-700-MX MuxXpert Licences on Dongle


MuxXpert - Features

  • Real-time multiplexing and re-multiplexing of live MPEG-2 Transport Streams
  • Up to four integrated file players for the insertion of local content from disk into live streams
  • Runs on a standard- or industrial PC with all DekTec input and output adapters
  • User interface provides information about services, components and bitrates in the input and output Transport Streams

MuxXpert - Applications

  • Master and Head-End (re-)multiplexing
  • Creation of fully customized Transport Streams from files and live feeds
  • Redistribution of DVB-S2 services over cable networks (e.g. with DTA-2137 and DTA-112)

PC Requirements

  • Runs on any PC with Windows-XP / 2k3 / Vista or Windows 7 with at least 2GB RAM
  • No real-time OS required

Brand DekTec
Code DTC-700-MX
Condition New

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