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General Desciption 

The DTU-351 is an attractively priced USB-3 device for getting HD-SDI signals into a laptop, tablet or PC. The unit is bus-powered, so no power supply is required. Full SDI frames are transfered so that applications have access to 16 audio channel and all other HANC and VANC packets.
Before purchasing the DTU-351, please review the USB-3 system requirements

DTU-315 Features
  • General-purpose HD-SDI input for USB-3.
  • USB bus powered - no power supply required.
  • All 10-bit data words  from the full HD-SDI frame can be read.
  • Supported by Matrix API to automatically separate HANC, VANC and video.
  • Scaling by 1/4 or 1/16 in hardware.

DTU-315 Applications
  •  SdEye: HD-SDI Waveform analysis.
  •  VF-Rec: HD-SDI recording.
  • Input for DirectShow-enabled applications that process uncompressed video.
  • HD-SDI input for your application.
HD-SDI input for USB-3 with VF-Rec stream recorder.
HD-SDI input for USB-3 with VF-Rec stream recorder and SdEye software.
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